Pareto MBA - Sample class

How can a company maintain high profit margins over time? In short: You need some type of sustainable competitive advantage. This is a sample class from the Pareto MBA where we go through two frameworks that can be used to assess and develop a company's competitive advantages.

Having now explored moats, Porter's Five Forces, and Hamilton Helmer's Seven Powers, you've touched on the surface of what the Pareto MBA offers, a fraction of what you stand to gain from the full program.

Why enroll in the Pareto MBA?

Competence: The business world is in constant flux. Staying informed on current models and strategies, like those you've previewed, is crucial for any professional.
Confidence: Our mini-MBA goes beyond theory. It's about real-world application, preparing you to tackle actual business challenges with confidence.
Convenience: Designed with the modern professional in mind, the Pareto MBA fits your schedule, allowing you to balance learning with life’s other responsibilities.
Community: Joining means you become part of a network of peers, a community of motivated individuals with diverse experiences and insights.

The Pareto MBA is an opportunity for growth, offering practical, strategic knowledge tailored to the realities of business. Enrollment is currently open, inviting you to deepen your understanding and enhance your strategic toolset.

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“Hear hear - I recommend everyone who wants to learn more hands-on business skills to apply for the next cohort.”

Nyamko Sabuni
Former Minister of Integration of Sweden
Course participant in Pareto MBA cohort 1