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The Pareto MBA

Learn practical business skills from 30+ case studies in the Pareto MBA

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  • 6 September 2024

Course overview

A modern alternative to the traditional MBA

In a recent study by PeakPath, senior HR leaders all agreed that even though so many specialists need business upskilling, they simply don't have the time to do it.

A traditional Executive MBA can set you back at least $100,000, while taking valuable time from your day-to-day work and hurting your relationships in the process.

We have developed an alternative approach: The Pareto MBA is an 8-week mini-MBA that takes 6-7 hours/week and fits your busy schedule while still vastly improving your business problem solving skills and decision making toolkit.

So far, 90 people have completed the program since its inception in 2023, with a Net Promoter Score of +94. Several of them got promoted or started new businesses, and one even bought himself a factory (!). In several cases, our course participants even saw tangible business outcomes in their current jobs while still in the program - one of the saved their company $50,000 as a direct consequence of one of our course lessons.

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How we do it differently

Unlock your full potential by mastering 360-degree business skills

Immediate job impact

Our case-based learning approach, guided by industry experts, ensures that every lesson directly influences your daily work, propelling you to new heights in your career.

Continuous learning and confidence

Efficient modules, in a collaborative group setting, empower you to learn with ease, fostering continuous growth and boosting your confidence in navigating complex business challenges.

Networking and opportunities

Join a diverse and collaborative community, expanding your network and unlocking new opportunities for collaboration, mentorship and business ventures.

Career advancement

Armed with a comprehensive skillset, you'll not only stand out among your peers but also advance confidently in your career, positioning yourself for leadership roles.

The Pareto MBA curriculum

Learn strategy, management, marketing and finance from 30+ real-world case studies during 8 weeks.

 Led by entrepreneurs Jens Bäckbom and Mathias Eklöf, our 8-week live online program delivers a diploma upon completion. To match your schedule, our method lets you study independently for 3-4 hours weekly, then join live sessions with our teachers and peers for a deeper understanding. It's a flexible and effective blend of self-paced and collaborative learning.

Week 1
Business Basics

Key concepts, business language, business tools, competitive advantage

Module length: 6 hrs
Videos: 13
Case studies: 2
Study time: 4 hrs
Live online: 2 hrs (office hour + workshop)

Week 2
Opportunities, Strategy and Positioning

Evaluate business opportunities, compare business models, vision, strategy, positioning

Module length: 5 hrs
Videos: 28
Case studies: 6
Study time: 3 hr
Live online: 2 hrs (office hour + workshop)

Week 3
Marketing and Sales

Go-to-market strategy,  niches, customer segments, branding, positioning

Module length: 5 hrs
Videos: 26
Case studies: 7
Study time: 3 hr
Live online: 2 hrs (office hour + workshop)

Week 4
Growth and Hiring

Growth, lead a growing organization, hire for key roles, scalability, unit economics, finance growth

Module length: 6 hrs
Videos: 23
Case studies: 8
Study time: 4 hr
Live online: 2 hrs (office hour + workshop)

Week 5
Leadership and Culture

Self-leadership, lead team, communication, company culture

Module length: 6 hrs
Videos: 13
Case studies: 2
Study time: 4 hr
Live online: 2 hrs (office hour + workshop)

Week 6
Management and Operations

Organization, operations, KPIs, prioritize, delegate

Module length: 5 hrs
Videos: 14
Case studies: 5
Study time: 3 hr
Live online: 2 hrs (office hour + workshop)

Week 7
Adversity and Change

Deal with tough times both personally and as an organization, change management

Module length: 6 hrs
Videos: 15
Case studies: 3
Study time: 4 hr
Live online: 2 hrs (office hour + workshop)

Week 8
M&A, Finance and Returns

Buying and selling companies (M&A), valuation, types of deals, acquisition process

Module length: 6 hrs
Videos: 10
Case studies: 3
Study time: 3 hr
Live online: 3 hrs (office hour + workshop)

Who is the course for

The Pareto MBA is tailor-made for ambitious professionals of all educational backgrounds, giving you strategic insights and managerial skills to do your job better.

Leaders and

You are a specialist in e.g. tech, sales, marketing or finance and aspire to a leadership role.


You are running a small or medium-size business as owner or CEO but lack formal skills.


You want a better set of strategic tools for developing and growing businesses.


You want to grow by learning about modern business models and industries.

"I can say that I have been pleasantly surprised at how fantastically well managed this approach is and to be able to do it together with some of the industry's most knowledgeable with real cases during the course has been groundbreaking!"

CEO, Sweden
Dala Industrisupport

"Big thanks to the brilliant founders of Pareto Business School and to my fellow cohort members for an engaging, challenging and invaluable 8 weeks of learning."

CHRO, Sweden

The teachers

Meet Jens Bäckbom

Jens is a venture capital investor and former Fund manager at Almi Invest, a state-owned venture capital firm in Sweden. He has a dual degree in Engineering Physics and Finance, founded his first company in 1997 and has started 10+ companies since, three of which have been sold. He has also written a book on common misjudgements and biases.

Meet Mathias Eklöf

Mathias Eklöf is the founder and CEO of Hype Ventures, an impact investment company with 10+ portfolio companies across the world. He has an MSc degree from the Stockholm School of Economics and a track record of successful entrepreneurship with multiple exits under his belt. Mathias is passionate about creating value and solving problems with technology.

In addition to Jens and Mathias, you will learn from accomplished business leaders and experts from leading growth companies through 30+ case studies, including:

Emma Ekdahl

Head of Sales

Christer Fåhraeus

​EQL Pharma

Marcus Gners


Sophie Hedestad


Anders Larsson


Hanna Johansson


Johan Söör

First Camp

Jonas Axelsson

Tech Recruitment

Earn a Pareto MBA diploma to stand out

Earn a recognized diploma upon completion and prove your business credentials on your resume and LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is a mini MBA worth it?

A mini MBA is worth it if you want to learn the basics of business administration in a short and affordable way. A mini MBA can help you gain new skills, knowledge, credentials and opportunities without doing a full-time MBA. A mini MBA can also prepare you for a full MBA degree later if you want to pursue it. A mini MBA is not a substitute for a full MBA, but it can be a valuable addition to your education and career. The Pareto MBA is a mini MBA with a high NPS (Net Promoter Score) meaning our alumni recommend the Pareto MBA to others.

Who will teach and guide me in the program?

The Pareto MBA program is taught by serial entrepreneurs and investors Jens Bäckbom and Mathias Eklöf. In addition, you will also learn from 30+ experts who are top professionals and founders in the field of business. Some of the experts include Hanna Johansson, Marketing Manager; Marcus Gners, Founder; Sophie Hedestad, CEO; Jonas Axelsson, Head of Talent Acquisition; Johan Söör, CEO; Niklas Agevik, CEO; Linus Dahg, CEO; Anders Larsson, Founder; Christer Fåhraeus, Founder; and Emma Ekdahl, Head of Sales.

 Will I have time for the Pareto MBA?

It will take you about 3-4 hours of self-study and two hours online with your fellow cohort members and teachers per week. All the material is available for you to study at your own pace. Most of our students pursue the Pareto MBA while working full time and managing busy lives.

 Will I get a diploma at the end?

Yes, you will receive a business diploma when you complete the Pareto MBA program. The certificate is a proof of real business skills, ranging from strategy and accounting to hands-on tools. You can showcase the diploma on your resume, LinkedIn profile and more. 

 How do I apply and what are the requirements?

The course is conducted in English, so a good understanding of English and the ability to speak it are required. There are no other formal requirements. If you are uncertain about whether you qualify, please contact us.

You apply for the course through the Pareto Business School website. After your application has been received, you will be contacted by us, usually within 24 hours.

 How will I learn and what tools will I use?

The course material is released every weekend for self-paced studying and the material usually requires 3-4 hours of studying. Mid-week, there is a 1 hour office hour session with your teachers where you can ask any questions you might have regarding the content. Every Friday, there is a workshop where we work together on cases, team assignments and masterclasses in a live call. The tools used are free of charge for course participants and the Pareto team will make sure you feel comfortable using all of them, even if you have no tech experience!

How do I pay?

If you get admitted to the program you will receive an invoice and pay via bank transfer. We will also be offering card payments. If you want to register several course participants at once, please contact us.

 In what language is the Pareto MBA?

The course is conducted in English, so a good understanding of English and the ability to speak it are required. If you are uncertain about whether you qualify, please contact us.

Do you accept refund requests?

All of our students are eligible for a full refund within 15 days of starting the program by emailing us if you participated but are not satisfied.

​​You can defer to the next course start for a €200 + VAT fee.

Is the Pareto MBA accredited?

No. You will not receive any ECTS or any other credits when finishing the Pareto MBA. However, you will receive a business diploma when you complete the Pareto MBA program. You can showcase the diploma on your resume, LinkedIn profile and more.

 Can I cancel a booked course?

Yes, depending on how many days prior to course start you request a refund.

  • 100% of program cost refunded if more than 60 days to course start
  • 50% of the program cost refunded 31-59 days prior to course start
  • 0% of the program cost refunded 30 days or less prior to course start

​​You can defer to the next course start for a €200 + VAT fee.

Can I enroll multiple employees from my company in the Pareto MBA program?

Absolutely! We encourage group enrollments for a collaborative learning experience. If you are interested in enrolling several individuals from your company, please reach out to us directly. We can tailor a solution to meet your company's specific needs. Contact us here to explore the best options for your team.

Will you break free and become a specialist leader with a holistic edge?

The Pareto MBA gives you everything you need to succeed in your career


90+ alumni have completed the Pareto MBA since its launch in 2023. During 2024 we will help even more busy professionals to take their business skills to the next level.

+94 NPS

Our alumni are extremely satisfied with the Pareto MBA. They emphasize the practical approach, useful mental models, diverse group and time-efficient learning.


Our participants represent 10+ different countries and a wide range of roles, including CEOs, sales professionals, lawyers, marketers, entrepreneurs and many others.

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