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Wednesday, April 03, 2024

It started in Russia. But as Putin's society grew darker and harsher, he left the country. In 2019, he moved to Kiev and started investing in startups.


​In the podcast, we're talking about (in Swedish):

  • ​What happens when the flight warnings sound while sitting in a hipster pub in Kiev.
  • The challenges of working in dictatorships (avoid... unpleasant learning).
  • How Hype Ventures' IRR (return) has performed since its inception in 2019 (better than expected, despite full-scale war and a tech crash).
  • How naive we have been in the West and how a tech investment in Kiev can indirectly protect the Western world.
  • Mathias' journey from interpreter school through the Swedish embassy in Finland and to Moscow before everything went south in Russia.

  • That Ukrainians have built many of Silicon Valley's billion-dollar companies (e.g., Max Levchin, PayPal mafia++, and Jan Koum, WhatsApp).


Mathias Eklöf

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