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Wednesday, April 10, 2024

On Friday, April 5th, we gathered for an unforgettable live face-to-face meetup to celebrate and honor the achievements of cohorts 3 and 4 of the Pareto MBA program.

The event was a blend of in-person interaction and virtual participation, making it a truly inclusive celebration.

​The agenda for the day was packed with activities designed to foster connection, learning and recognition.

We kicked off the event with a mingle session, providing attendees with the opportunity to meet and connect with individuals from different cohorts, enriching their professional networks.

​Then it was time for a workshop where four individuals had the opportunity to address their most pressing professional challenges.

Through collaborative problem-solving, attendees shared insights and strategies, helping each other overcome hurdles such as navigating the complexities of technical experts in sales roles, reorganizing sales departments for customer-centricity, optimizing go-to-market strategies with limited resources and managing KPIs for sustainable long-term success.

Following the workshop, it was time for the much-anticipated diploma handout.

We took special care to acknowledge outstanding achievements, with particular mention of Kajsa for her sharp responses on mini-exams, Marie for effectively applying program material in her professional endeavors and Peter for his active and valuable contributions during Friday sessions.

​Congratulations again to all participants who now have a Pareto MBA diploma to display on LinkedIn and in resumes.

In the second workshop, Anton from cohort 1 shared his M&A story, debunking the myth that you need to invest a lot of your own money to buy a successful company.

He emphasized the importance of building strong relationships, both with the seller and someone at the bank, to find solutions outside the box.

Anton's insights were truly valuable, shedding light on alternative approaches to M&A success.

(We also plan to ask Anton to write a guest blog post, where he can delve deeper into his learnings and share valuable insights with the Pareto MBA community. Stay tuned for updates on this potential collaboration!)

The event concluded with another round of mingling, providing participants with the chance to reflect on the day's insights, celebrate successes and forge new connections.

Thank you to everyone who joined and contributed to a fantastic afternoon and evening of learning, growth and success together. Your participation truly made the event memorable!

We're excited to announce that our next opportunity to connect will be at the Pareto MBA Alumni Network meetup, also known as the unConference, taking place in Sweden from June 7th to 9th.

We look forward to seeing you there as we continue to foster connections, share insights and create new opportunities together.


Mathias Eklöf

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