Price update: The Pareto MBA price will increase from €2,500 to €3,500 effective May 15. Application deadline to lock in the current price is May 13.

Eliminate management blind spots

Take your business skills to the next level

Master strategy, management, marketing, and finance in our 8-week live online mini MBA, featuring 30+ real-world case studies for practical, hands-on learning.

Next cohort starts

  • 6 September 2024

A modern alternative to a traditional MBA

In a recent study by PeakPath, senior HR leaders agreed that even though many specialists need business upskilling, they simply don't have the time or resources to do it.

A traditional MBA can set you back at least $100,000, while taking valuable time from your day-to-day work and hurting your relationships in the process.

We have developed an alternative approach: The Pareto MBA is a mini MBA that takes 6-7 hours per week during 8 weeks and fits your busy schedule, while significantly boosting your problem-solving skills and decision-making toolkit.

90 people have completed the program since its inception in 2023, giving it a Net Promotor Score of +94. Several of them have gotten promoted or started new businesses, and one even bought himself a factory (!). Our participants have also seen tangible business outcomes in their current jobs while still in the program – one of them saved $50,000 in costs as a direct result of one of our classes.

​To summarize some of the benefits of our program, you will get:

  • ​Immediate job impact: Our case-based learning approach, led by industry experts, ensures that lessons can be directly applied in your daily work.
  • Continuous learning and confidence: The design of our eight modules and our small cohort size of 15-20 people make learning more effective, boosting your confidence in navigating complex business challenges.
  • Networking and opportunities: Join a diverse and collaborative Alumni community, expand your network and unlock new opportunities for collaboration, mentorship, and business ventures.
  • Career advancement: Armed with a comprehensive skillset, you'll not only stand out among your peers but also advance confidently in your career, positioning yourself for leadership roles..

Unlock your full potential 

Learn strategy, management, marketing and finance from 30+ real-world case studies during 8 weeks.

Led by entrepreneurs Jens Bäckbom and Mathias Eklöf, our 8-week live online program gives you a Pareto MBA diploma upon graduation. To match your schedule, our method lets you study independently for 4-5 hours weekly, then join live sessions with our teachers and peers to deepen your understanding further. It's a flexible and effective blend of self-paced and collaborative learning.

Real people interaction

Participate in weekly office hour sessions and workshops together with your group, led by Jens & Mathias.

Case-based approach

Our case-based approach lets you apply knowledge to real-world business situations.

Networking and collaboration

After graduation, join our diverse Alumni Network for continued support and learning.

Flexible with diploma

Our flexible program allows busy professionals to earn a diploma and boost their career.

Our teachers will support you all the way.

Meet Jens Bäckbom

Jens is a venture capital investor and former Fund manager at Almi Invest, a state-owned venture capital firm in Sweden. He has a dual degree in Engineering Physics and Finance, founded his first company in 1997 and has started 10+ companies since, three of which have been sold. He has also written a book on common misjudgements and biases.

Meet Mathias Eklöf

Mathias Eklöf is the founder and CEO of Hype Ventures, an investment company that focuses on early-stage startups. He has a MSc degree from the Stockholm School of Economics and a track record of successful entrepreneurship with multiple exits under his belt. Mathias is passionate about creating value and solving problems with technology.

Develop your business acumen and accelerate your results.

After the Pareto MBA you can look forward to

  • A problem-solving toolkit: You will have gained tools for assessing companies, analysing financials, backing up decisions with data and avoiding biases.
  • A set of new behaviours: You will have practiced several key business behaviours, such as proactivity, delegation, listening and negotiation.
  • Better teamwork: You will have practiced effective communication with others, promoting teamwork and making your organization work more smoothly.

Say goodbye to feeling out of your depth – say hello to the new, confident you!

Why should I join this program?

The Pareto MBA is tailor-made for ambitious professionals of all education backgrounds, giving you strategic insights and managerial skills to do your job better. Your journey with Pareto extends far beyond the traditional online classroom experience, supporting your professional growth and success even after you've earned your Pareto MBA diploma.

Don't just take our word for it...

Accomplished leaders love the Pareto MBA

"Hear hear - I recommend everyone who wants to learn more hands-on business skills to apply for the next cohort."

Nyamko Sabuni,
Former Minister of Integration of Sweden

"In addition to boosting general business skills, I have to say that the first cohort of the program is so bright, lovely and interesting. Ping all magic participants, experts & inspirers 💙"

Sofia Tångelin,
Partner & Head of Legal, venture builder ​

"This course was amazing and I really enjoyed everyone's company! [...] you are amazing mentors and you're building something special here!

Leo Lytvynenko,
​CEO, SaaS

What you get when you join.

The Pareto MBA gives you everything you need to succeed in your career:

  • Week 1 – Basic Business Skills and Tools:  Key concepts, business language & tools, margins and competitive advantage
  • Week 2 – Business Opportunities and Strategy: Assessing business opportunities, business models and pricing
  • Week 3 – Marketing and Sales: Go-to-market strategy, niches, customer segments, branding, positioning
  • ​Week 4 – Growth and Hiring: Leading a growing organization, hiring for key roles, scalability, unit economics, financing growth
  • Week 5 – Leadership and Culture: Self-leadership, leading teams, communication, company culture
  • Week 6 – Management and Operations: Organizing work, operations, KPIs, prioritizing and delegating
  • Week 7 – Adversity and Change: Dealing with tough times both personally and as an organization, change management
  • Week 8 – Finance, Acquisitions and Synergies: Buying and selling companies (M&A), valuation, types of deals, acquisition process

Course Bonus Offer #1

Direct access via WhatsApp to expert teachers

No more waiting! Get instant clarification and guidance from our experienced teachers throughout the entire course. Your success is our priority, and we're just a message away.

Course Bonus Offer #2

Five-year access to the Pareto MBA Alumni Network

Your learning journey doesn't end when you graduate. Gain exclusive access to our thriving alumni community, where inspiration and continuous development are just a click away. Stay connected, stay inspired!

Course Bonus Offer #3

The Pareto MBA cap – a symbol of your achievement 

Wear success on your sleeve! Get an exclusive Pareto MBA baseball cap that money can't buy. It's not just an accessory, it's a symbol of your commitment to excellence.

Course price: €3,500 


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