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Eliminate management blind spots

Take your business skills to the next level with the Pareto MBA

Master practical, 360-degree business skills to excel in your current role and propel your career forward, all while working full-time.

Master strategy, management, marketing and finance with our 8-week live online mini MBA designed to be taken in parallell with work. Featuring 30+ case studies with professionals from Spotify, Lifesum, Daniel Wellington, Uber and more, our program develops your business intuition and helps you grow.

Accomplished leaders love Pareto Business School


"Hear hear – I recommend everyone who wants to learn more hands-on business skills to apply for the next cohort."

Nyamko Sabuni, 
Former Minister of Integration of Sweden


"In addition to boosting general business skills, I have to say that the first cohort of the program is so bright, lovely and interesting. Ping all magic participants, experts & inspirers."

Sofia Tångelin,
Partner & Head of Legal, venture builder 


"This course was amazing and I really enjoyed everyone's company! [...] you are amazing mentors and you're building something special here!

Leo Lytvynenko,

Designed to propel you forward and give you a broad business toolkit 

Experience engaging and practical online business education at Pareto Business School

Welcome to Pareto Business School, designed for growth company business leaders. Founded by entrepreneurs, our school emphasizes a practical, hyper-effective education rooted in the Pareto Principle.

Our focus is to help you build a solid business intuition by solving business problems in different industries together with peers, while also learning essential lingo and tools. Great companies are built one small decision after each other, which is why we prioritize teaching decision-making tools in our curriculum - ranging from basic Excel models to problem-solving frameworks and mental models.

However, some business problems cannot be solved unless you are also able to lead yourself, which is why we also emphasize self-reflection and developing a set of critical business behaviors

Our flagship product, the Pareto MBA, condenses the essence of a traditional MBA into an effective 8-week program, designed to be pursued alongside your full-time commitments. In just 6 hours per week, you'll get a broad business toolkit of frameworks and problem solving skills based on 30+ case studies and expert interviews from leading growth companies. And the learning doesn't stop after graduation - our active alumni network ensures continuous growth and support.

For those seeking to understand business vocabulary, we offer the free course Business Language Secrets. In just 3 hours of self-paced online learning, you will gain access to crucial lingo, reasoning skills and mental models essential for navigating the corporate world.

Join us at Pareto Business School and unlock your next set of business skills!

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Level up your business reasoning skills

Business Language Secrets is our self-paced online course for learning how to "talk the talk", but also gives you a comprehensive set of mental models to aid your thinking about business problems.

Our alumni work at leading companies

Making entrepreneurs and managers out of specialists

Bridge knowledge gaps and enhance your business skills with our courses

The Pareto MBA

Transform your career

8-week live online program teaching your strategy, management, marketing and finance through 30+ case studies in only 6-7 hours/week. Next program starts Sep 9!

🖥️ 100% Online    👥 Cohort    🎓 Diploma

€3,500 + VAT

Business Language Secrets

Increase your confidence

Learn critical business vocabulary and gain a solid understanding of powerful mental models and reasoning skills that will enhance your ability to participate in decision-making.

🖥️ 100% Online    👤 Self-paced


How we do it

We empower busy professionals to learn, grow and succeed

Turning knowledge into skills

Our learning methodology goes beyond mere knowledge acquisition, turning knowledge into practical skills through a structured approach of repetition, real-world case studies and hands-on exercises. We empower you to transform theoretical concepts into actionable skills that you can immediately apply in your professional life.

80/20 rule for maximum impact

We believe in the power of the 80/20 rule – achieving maximum results with minimal effort. Our courses focus on delivering the most essential knowledge and skills, ensuring that you learn what truly matters in the shortest possible time. By prioritizing the vital few over the trivial many, we optimize your learning experience for maximum impact.

Convenient flexible online learning

We offers flexible online learning options tailored to the busy professional's schedule. Whether it's live online sessions, self-paced modules or a combination of both, our courses are designed to accommodate your lifestyle, allowing you to learn at your own pace, anytime, anywhere.


90+ alumni have completed the Pareto MBA since its launch in 2023. During 2024 we will help even more busy professionals to take their business skills to the next level.

+94 NPS

Our alumni are very satisfied with the Pareto MBA. They emphasize the practical approach, useful mental models, diverse group and time-efficient learning.


Our participants represent 10+ different countries and a wide range of roles, including CEOs, sales professionals, lawyers, marketers, entrepreneurs and many others.

The teachers

Meet Jens Bäckbom

Jens Bäckbom is a former venture capital investor and fund manager at Almi Invest, a state-owned venture capital firm in Sweden. He has a dual degree in Engineering Physics and Finance, founded his first company in 1997 and has started 10+ companies since, three of which have been sold. He has also written a book on common misjudgements and biases.

Meet Mathias Eklöf

Mathias Eklöf is the founder and CEO of Hype Ventures, an impact investment company with 10+ portfolio companies across the world. He has an MSc degree from the Stockholm School of Economics and a track record of successful entrepreneurship with multiple exits under his belt. Mathias is passionate about creating value and solving problems with technology.

30+ case studies, 100+ hands-on tools, 1:1 coaching, an active alumni network 

The Pareto MBA will propel you forward and help you build better businesses 

Frequently Asked Questions

 What's a mini MBA?

A mini MBA is a short and affordable program that covers the essential topics of a regular MBA, such as marketing, finance, management and strategy. It is for professionals who want to boost their business skills and knowledge without doing a full-time MBA. A mini MBA can help you explore key business concepts and improve your earning potential. You can finish a mini MBA in one week or several months, depending on the program. You can choose from online and on-campus options, as well as different specializations. A mini MBA is a great way to enhance your career and gain a competitive edge. The Pareto MBA is a mini MBA that spans over two months and is completed online.

Is a mini MBA a degree?

A mini MBA is not a degree program, but rather a graduate certificate program that focuses on the essential topics of a regular MBA, such as marketing, finance, management and strategy. It is an alternative to a traditional MBA degree program, allowing working professionals to gain fundamental business training quickly and for less money than a full master of business administration degree. By investing in a MBA alternative, you can gain advanced entrepreneurial skills, a new credential and better career opportunities. After completing the Pareto MBA, a mini MBA, you will receive a certificate to enhance your resumé.

Is a mini MBA worth it?

A mini MBA is worth it if you want to learn the basics of business administration in a short and affordable way. A mini MBA can help you gain new skills, knowledge, credentials and opportunities without doing a full-time MBA. A mini MBA can also prepare you for a full MBA degree later if you want to pursue it. A mini MBA is not a substitute for a full MBA, but it can be a valuable addition to your education and career. The Pareto MBA is a mini MBA with a high NPS (Net Promoter Score) meaning our alumni recommend the Pareto MBA to others.

Who will teach and guide me in the program?

The Pareto MBA program is taught by serial entrepreneurs and investors Jens Bäckbom and Mathias Eklöf. In addition, you will also learn from 30+ experts who are top professionals and founders in the field of business. Some of the experts include Hanna Johansson ( ex-Revolut), Marcus Gners (Lifesum), Jonas Axelsson (ex-Spotify), Johan Söör (First Camp), Niklas Agevik (Reason Studios), Anders Larsson (Founder, Netlight) and Christer Fåhraeus (serial founder).

 Will I have time for the Pareto MBA?

It will take you about 3-4 hours of self-study and two hours online with the cohort members and teachers per week. All the material is available for you to study in your own pace, even after the course has finished. Most of our students pursue the Pareto MBA while working full time and managing busy lives.

 Will I get a diploma at the end?

Yes, you will receive a business diploma when you complete the Pareto MBA program. The certificate is a proof of real business skills, ranging from strategy and accounting to hands-on tools.

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